Saturday, October 16, 2010

What the F***

Today I woke up, and feel like I never went to sleep! it happens quite often. And I'm exhausted without even doing anything. It's Saturday and I ran some errands and I cannot tell you how tired I am. I don't feel like going to see family or friends and say hey! I can't describe how brutal the chronic fatigue is. It's with me all the time! some days are better than others. And today I'm extra numb and tingly on my right side(due to low calcium because of the surgery). And I'm so cold intolerant (part of the disease), the thought of going outside is not fun,(very cold and windy today). I should be out doing my thing on Sat mornings (like I used to). Beat up before I start my day(sort of). No energy ever!

My Brother once said to me don't let this consume you!  It does consume me! My life is not the same anymore! just because I look fine, doesn't mean I am! Every day I get up and fight! jeckle and hyde inside, fatgue, tired, numb, worn, aches in the joints and muscles......It doesn't go away! and there's so much more! I can't have a normal day because I have to always over compensate for how i feel. DON'T LET IT COMSUME ME??????????

Anyone who is at my blog will understand! we live differently than others! how to live through it is the hardest part.
The only tip I have for you is keep fighting!

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  1. I was trying to create a blog with this domain and then I found yours, I hope you're fine nowadays since you didn't post anything since 2010.
    Btw nice blog, fight girl!