Monday, October 11, 2010

My Twilight zone!!!!!!

Welcome to anyone who reads this,

In 2008 I had a total Thyroidectomy(removal of the thyroid gland in your neck, everyone has one). Since the surgery my life has not been the same(and not for the better). They damaged my parathyroid glands(risk or not) and have left me with an uphill battle. It's been two years and seven months since surgery (but who's counting).The aftermath has been horrible! Dr after Dr, test after test, hurry up and wait. The calcium and thyroid levels never being on the same page so you never feel like yourself. What your body goes through after a total thyroidectomy is brutal! I really don't think that the Drs really  prepare you for this. I don't really know what they would say, but I know what they didn't say to me.How much your life changes after is mind blowing! and we have no control over our bodies to make them feel better. And for once it's not about your attitude!
 Funny when this all started I took to my computer and started typing my heart out to try to make sense of this whole thing. Why I wasn't feeling any better ever. two months, four or six months....and beyond. How I never found any sense of normalcy after the surgery, ever! I'll spare you the details at this time. I have written a book about my whole ordeal and it awaits the publishers I'll keep you posted on the arrival date, I'm hoping by Christmas.
Why a blog???? I'm talking about thyroid issues only(specifically Thyroidectomys). When we live with a thyroid disease(it's an auto immune disease). It's chronic and we live with it, and it affects people in many different ways.This is my way of sharing what I have gone through, and still am, but have just gotten used to it. You never get used to it, but you don't have a choice.I've been forced to find a home in the twilight zone where nothing seems real, oh but it we all know!
This blog is for people to leave a tip! something they learned through experience that might help others! no story just a few sentences. If your at this blog you have a thyroid issue, so you will understand the tips left. if your at this blog and no thyroid issue (because someone said hey check this out), you won't understand the tips left(ask your friends who have the disease, they will explain it).
I'm Hoping this will get bigger as time goes on so it will help others!
So leave a tip!

1.Citracal absorbs better into your system without food.
2.You do pee out most of your calcium if your body doesn't absorb it(took me 5 thyroid Drs to find that out).
3.The Calcium calcifys and makes your stool hard as rocks all the time....use a stool softener, and have some laxatives ready for the constipation that happens too.
4.It's not about an anti depressant! we are depressed because of FRUSTRATION!

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