Tuesday, October 12, 2010

It never stops!!! Here's another tip!!!

They cancelled my insurance and didn't notify me! This was back in July( I only found out because i had a Drs appointment in Boston in August). I Couldn't go, I had to straighten this out. I filled out the application form wrong so I was told. They deemed it incomplete!!!! thus cancelled. Do you want to know what I did? I left the questions blank that didn't apply to me(what the ****). So I had to reapply all over again. This time where I left the questions blank, I put NA! and I over nighted my app so they would have it in their office.
 Well..................28 days later from the day they received my app, still nothing!!! they told me 21 days.....I called, and my insurance is still cancelled! Do you know what I did wrong this time? I wasn't supposed to put NA!!! I kid you not these questions didn't apply to me(why would I answer them?)

TIP!!! If it's a yes or no question, check the NO box, even if it doesn't apply to you.

It's now going on my third month without insurance because of the mix up(but no notification! god forbid!). And I couldn't miss this Dr appt. in Boston again. The billing without insurance was $700.00 (the Dr was $230.00 for 20 minutes.  And it's not from lack of trying on my part! I've called and did what was asked! and look where it got me! Where i stand now? I got the ok to call another office, and they will now be able to look at my app and decide if I get to have my insurance back!!!! So I still don't have insurance!
Welcome to my world! The twilight zone!
God!......... if you have learned anything to help someone else regarding thyroid/medical issues. please leave a tip for them!

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